We Develop Mobile Apps For Various Verticals.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Application Services Since iphone came out in the market, we have been looking to develop applications and smartphone compatible websites. We have a dedicated mobile development division to create mobile solutions for various verticals like Business, Social Networking, E-commerce and Internet applications.

iPhone Application Development

iPhone has come out as the most happening and a revolutionary mobile platform and it requires a different approach in terms of its memory size and touch features. Our developers can transform your idea into building gorgeous, highly interactive and easygoing applications through

  • Utilizing all the versions of iPhone SDK
  • Thoughtful realization of iPhone’s platform internal architecture
  • User friendly interface and Prototype development

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iPad App Development

We implement iPhone SDK 3.2 beta and iPad simulator to build custom iPad applications thereby ensuring the most authentic user experience. We are highly interested in working with clients to a great deal having a sound Tablet PC strategy to provide the benefits of multi-touch computing.

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Android Application Development

The upcoming era of Android-enabled handsets is very promising and Android being open source supports the expansion of Android development. It provides a java support and an interface to the web providing applications to insert different online content. We are also capable of executing GPS and Wi-Fi applications for Android platform.

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Mobile Website Design

Usually websites appear to be all mixed up or very difficult to navigate through, when assessed with smartphone or iPad. The experience of browsing the website on desktop or laptop is different to that of a mobile unless the website is optimized for the device in use. We can help you.